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Space Saver Treatment Table
Adjustable Treatment Table (PC-4602)

Treatment Table

Laminate Colors
Picture Not Available
Picture Not Available
346 Natural Oak
5904 Wild Cherry
927 Folkstone Grey
Comfort Plus Vinyl (softer feel for enhanced patient comfort)
700 Burgundy
701 Oak Brown
702 Rodeo Tan
703 Rose
704 Nordic Blue
706 Slate Blue
707 Black
711 Grotto Green
709 Gray

Pro-Form Vinyls (Firmer Feel for high volume practices)
718 Navy
722 Dove Gray
723 Forest Green
724 Deep Wine
725 Black
This attractive table is a great choice for your practice when you're short on space! Comfortable, soft vinyl with attractive laminate options make it versatile for any setting!
Price: $982.00
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  • Extended, the table is 72” long with a 14” adjustable headrest, a 17” adjustable footrest and a 41” center section.
  • Adjustable length stirrups are included as standard equipment.
  • H-Brace is recessed into high pressure laminate table legs with unique
  • 4-sided “lock-tite” joint.
  • 2” High-Density urethane foam top.
  • Dimensions
  • Length: 41"-72"
  • Width 24"
  • Height 31"
  • 04 – Table Safety Strap
  • 09 – Armboard, adjustable
  • 19 – Slide Shelf
  • 23 – Paper Dispenser
  • 25 – Paper Cutter
  • 27 – Paper Dispenser & Cutter Combo
  • 99L – Left Hand Table Model


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Space Saver Treatment Table
Space Saver Treatment Table
Space Saver Treatment Table
Space Saver Treatment Table
Space Saver Treatment Table
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